Write Web content that sells

Web Content that Sells Products

With so much content available at our fingertips, the average online attention span is diminishing. If we do not get instant gratification from a web page, we can very easily click out and move on to something else.

Not only is it important to generate traffic to your website , you have to work hard to make sure that your visitors stay on your website. Your goal should be to convert visitors to customers.

How to Write Copy that Sells Products

No one cares about you, they care about them

People are primarily interested in themselves and how you can help them. Don’t talk about your company throughout your whole sales pitch. In fact, people care less and less about a company name, they just want to know about what your company is actually going to do for them. For example if you were going to sell a stain remover, you could use one of the following 2 approaches:

1. Our magic stain pen has powerful stain-fighting ingredients to use at home or on the go.

2. Did you ever get coffee on a white shirt right before an important meeting? It seems like it never fails anytime you want to look your best, something like this happens

Both phrases say the same thing but the second phrase was more effective because it made the user think about how they could apply this product to their life.

The element of suprise

If you want content that sells your products, it should grab your audience’s attention. Anyone can sell their product by listing the specs and providing customer testimonials. So what are you going to do to turn people’s heads?

Use graphics and add videos to your content and don’t be afraid to get a little crazy!

Use lists and formatting

People tend to scan more than they read so break down your information into bits and pieces. Use lists, bullet points and make sure to keep your message direct and to the point. Don’t confuse this with the content amount. It is good to have a lot of content from an SEO perspective. However if you can say something in one sentence dont drag it out into a paragraph. Get to the point!

Write as if you were talking

Depending on your type of business, don’t be afraid to be a little casual. Stuffy, up-tight, and boring content wont motivate your audience to buy your product. Read your content out loud. Does it sound like you are talking or does it sound scripted?

Additional Tips for Web Content that Sells

  • Keep calls to action visible and above the fold
  • Make sure navigation is straightforward and easy for people to find what they need
  • Keep design up to date and visually appealing
  • Beware of broken links. In case this does happen, create custom 404 pages to make sure your visitors don’t feel lost.
  • Include images and video. Users typically will remember a site with media over a site without

Write Web Content that Sells Products

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