Write better blog articles for your Michigan small business

Write Better Blog Articles for your Michigan Small Business

If you are like most people, starting a blog for the first time may be intimidating and you don’t know quite where to begin. Don’t stress out. We have some tips to help you write better blog articles for your small business.

Where do I start?

Go to technorati.com or blogsearch.google.com and do a search for topics that are relative to your small business. Once you find blogs in your industry, start commenting on articles and communicate with people. Not only are you connecting with people, you get to see what others in your industry are writing about. Reading other peoples content will help you write a better blog for your small business.

What should I blog about?

Remember to visit other blogs on a regular basis. Keep your eyes open for good content in general, even when you aren’t sitting down to write. The more interesting information you take in throughout the day, the more things you will eventually have to talk about. If you find that you still are at a loss for words, consider the following topics.

Small Business Blog Topic 1: 5 tips for a better______.

People always appreciate any information that can help them be better at something. Write about topics that allow your visitors to learn something.

Small Business Blog Topic 2: Introduce staff or provide a video tour of your office.

Include a video tour of your office location. Introduce staff in the video so people can associate a face with the name. This goes a lot further than a standard “About Us” page.

Small Business Blog Topic 3: What would you like to see in next year’s catalog?

Use a question as the title of your blog. This shows your customers that you are interested in their needs and it also promotes good conversation. Remember to respond to your follower’s comments.

Small Business Blog Topic 4: Discuss upcoming events or promotions.

Keep people informed of any special events or sales your company is having. You can even have a coupon or giveaway exclusively for online visitors. You could say something like “Print this coupon and get a free _____.”

Small business blog article tips

More blog article tips for your Michigan small business

Be personal

You are human so write like one. How many friends do you think you would have in your personal life if you went around talking like a robot? Not many. No one enjoys robots blogging either. You should always try to write as if you were speaking out loud.


Don’t forget to comment on other people’s blogs. This is how you build relationships with people. Of course if someone comments on your post, be sure to respond.

Schedule posts

If you find that you have a lot of extra time one weekend, post a few different articles but don’t publish them all at once. You can actually schedule dates for when you would like them to be published.

Link to other websites

I know your website is full of good information but there are other cool websites that you can share with your followers. By sharing links to external websites, you show that you are interested in other topics, other than your own site and the likelihood of someone else linking to your blog increases.


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