1.)    Less expensive – Why spend all your money on a website that was designed by someone that knows nothing about (SEO) Search Engine Optimization? WordPress started out as a way to produce blogs for websites, but has quickly become a cost effective design solution.  You can get a high quality website for a fraction of what you would pay a web designer, and learn to update it yourself, which brings us to the next reason.

2.)    Requires very little technical knowledge to update – Using a Content Management System involves very little knowledge and is very user friendly.  Updating your content is something that you can do yourself, instead of calling the web designer that built it, every time you get a new product or service.  That goes back to reason one, which is that it will cost less because you can do your own updates.

3.)    You can choose the theme you want – With WordPress having customizable templates, you can choose from the thousands of different themes. This gives you a lot more of a say so’ in how your website is designed. It’s very satisfying to look at your website, and know that you had input on the fantastic way it turned out.  It’s important that your website be a reflection of your business, and that it targets the demographic you are trying to reach.

4.)    We train you – After we populate your website with all of content you provided for your site and are satisfied with your website, we provide a training session.  During this training session we also teach you about writing a blog that is SEO friendly. Don’t worry; it really is pretty painless, even for those that aren’t really tech savvy.

5.)    Can be easily redesigned to match the times – Websites are like anything else, they start to show their age as new templates, software, and other web based systems change. Instead of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay a web designer for a redesign, we can easily change, and update your website to give it a little facelift from time to time.  Google will see this as new content, and index your site more often, which means your website moving higher in the rankings.  Don’t forget, you get to choose the theme, so as the times change, so can the face of your business.