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Social Media 101 for your Michigan Business

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we do business…and it’s changing quickly.
With change comes opportunity, but if you aren’t ready to embrace change, you won’t be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

Social media sites provide an opportunity to connect with people… in a way that wasn’ t available to us before. If you are like most people you are probably wondering what all of the fuss is about. Can social media marketing help you grow your Michigan small business?

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that social media is the answer to all of your problems. I know that some people have told you this but it is not true. But social media is a powerful marketing tool and when used correctly, it can help you connect with your customers and grow your business .

Maybe this is your first attempt at using social media marketing. Or perhaps you have tried using social media for your business and didn’t see any results. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes small business owners make and let’s rethink social media.

Rethinking Social Media Marketing – Why Your Last Campaign Failed

You have a facebook account but you only post once a week. You rarely comment on others posts.

Ok. Think of social media like a long-term relationship. It isn’t going to work out if you only talk once in awhile and you don’t respond to what the other person is saying. Like relationships, social media marketing takes effort, and sometimes it can be hard work!

You think that just because you have a Twitter account people will magically find you.

Just because you sign your small business up for social media sites doesn’t mean people can find you. Unless you’re already a huge brand like Nike or Apple, you have to create brand awareness to let people know that you exist. How do you create this awareness ? By not waiting for people to come to you and being proactive. Use traditional advertising to drive awareness to your Twitter or Facebook, or linkedin pages.

You use Facebook to sell products and talk about how great your business is…and that’s it.

Nobody likes a show off. I’m sure you probably know one of these people. Always brags about how great they are and never shows any interest in you. Don’ t be one of these annoying people. It is alright to sell a little here and there but don’t forget you are working at a relationship. Ask questions. Show interest in other people. Provide information that is interesting and informative.

You think of social media marketing as some sort of magic elixir, expecting to get rich overnight

The only way to get rich overnight is to purchase the right lottery ticket or just have really good luck. There is nothing lucky about Facebook , Twitter, or Linkedin. Remember social media is a valuable tool available to you. It’s not the answer to all of your business problems. Like anything else, put in the time and effort and you will see gradual results.

Social Media 101 for your Michigan Business:

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