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Search engine optimization or SEO can be greatly enhanced by small business blogging.  Small Business Blogging has become as common as pancakes.  Every day, information is posted on blogs to be read throughout the world.  Search engine results are full of small business blog posts.

Blogs are free, simple and reasonably flexible, making them a perfect tool for promoting a business.  Whether the goal of your business is to attract large numbers of visitors with a broad range of interests or to attract a specific target demographic or people interested in a specific topic, a small business blog can help.

Time can be wasted small business blogging and information can be thrown out on the world-wide-web that never reaches an audience.  To be efficient, consider these small business blogging tips as a foundation on which to build a blog based advertising campaign.

  • Small Business Blogging Tip 1: Set goals for what you want your blog to accomplish.  What can your blog do to increase your business?  Do you want to be considered an expert in your field?  Do you want to present a product or service to millions of people?  Do you want to be more visible in your local market?
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 2: However long your list of goals, drawing visitors to your blog site will be at the top.  The only way to make this happen is to be attractive to search engines.  Although keywords are given less weight by search engines than in the past, they are still the place to start when using a blog to promote your business.  Take time to choose keywords and keyword phrases that best describe your blog.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 3: The URL for your blog should include keywords.  If you own a motorcycle repair shop in Michigan named Jim’s Cycles, you may want to use michiganmotorcyclerepair.com for your blog URL versus jimscycles.com.  Think like a web searcher.  If you live in Michigan and have a broken down motorcycle, what terms would you type into a search engine to find help?  It’s very likely that “motorcycle”, “repair”, and “Michigan” will be included.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 4: You might feel this is a lot to put in a URL and in some cases that would be right.  So, use titles and descriptions as another location for keywords.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 5: Your blog content should be informative, to the point and attention grabbing.  Include pictures and video if appropriate, but not to the exclusion of text.  In most cases, posts should be kept to a maximum of 700 words with 300-500 words being optimum.  If your topic demands more than 700 words, consider posting it in parts.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 6: Connect to the blog world and bring it back to your site.  Search relevant content on other blogs, post comments on those sights and link back to your site.  Many blogs ask for links to your site when you post a comment.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 7: Connect to other social media and link back to your site.  Tweet on Twitter each time you post new material on your site.  Video goes to YouTube, professional information to LinkedIn, short frequent updates to Facebook and Twitter and so on.  Although much of your information is appropriate for several of these locations, for best results, don’t take the “one size fits all” mentality with social media content.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 8: Loyal followers form the base of your traffic pyramid.  One of the best ways to attract and keep loyal followers is to become a follower of blogs with similar content to yours.  This will help increase traffic to your site, keep you up to date on the latest trends in your industry and you may soon be considered part of the elite circle of experts on your topic.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 9: Post to your site on a regular basis.  Don’t let your followers lose interest.
  • Small Business Blogging Tip 10: Convert visitors to business.  Whether your small business is selling products or signing up volunteers, a visitor should never be more than a click away from buying, volunteering or helping you achieve your goals.

Using a blog as a marketing tool for your small business creates so many opportunities that as you start blogging, understanding various techniques and what techniques work best for your small business, you will be able to re-write this list with 100 of your own personal tips.  Remember the small business blogging tips, attract visitors with good SEO techniques, inform visitors with good, attractive content and convert visitors to customers with easy to follow design.

Hire a Michigan Small Business Blogging Expert

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