Create Engaging Blog Articles for Small Business Websites

Shelby Twp SEO Company Gives Tips for Marketing Your BlogWriting content for your website can seem daunting.  First, coming up with a topic can be tough. Especially if you have been posting articles for a while and you are running out of new ideas.

More importantly, you will need to find a topic that your audience will be interested in. So when you are brainstorming on new blog article ideas you must consider what your audience will find valuable.

Write Content Your Audience Will Find Value In

As a business owner, the whole purpose of writing content for your blog is to generate leads.  The trick is to write content that does not reek of sales. You will need to think outside the box and produce content that helps your audience and potential clients.

For example, a catering company may be tempted to always write articles promoting their services for upcoming  events.  They may write articles titled “Book your Caterer for Fall Weddings ” or “Hire the Best Caterer for your Holiday Party”. Although these are great topics, you do not want your entire marketing campaign to be based on articles that push selling.

Instead, rotate your topics between promoting your services and informative content. What is informative content? Going back to our catering example, an informative article may be “Wedding Planning Tips” or “Top 10 Fall Wedding Venues in Michigan”.  A security company might write an article on safety tips.  A financial advisor might write an article on how to start saving for retirement.

This technique will work for engaging existing followers and will help build your audience by capturing the interest of users who may have not heard about your business yet.

Marketing the Content – Post to Your blog, Then to Social Media

The best technique to drive traffic to your site is to first publish the engaging content on your website, then post a link to the content on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

This technique requires that you do follow the formula of basing most of your content on valuable information and a smaller portion of content on selling.

Truly informative, valuable information will not only get read, it will get liked and shared and that is when the marketing magic starts with more online exposure for your business!

So remember, although it may be tempting to take advantage of your facebook audience by pushing new products and services, be sure to limit the amount of promotional posts.

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