Michigan Internet Marketer Explains How to Write Share-Worthy Blog Posts

Michigan Internet Marketer Explains 6 Ways to Write Share-Worthy Blog Posts

Everyone has their own style of writing blog articles. Some people like to show their personality in every post while others may stick to the “how to” articles and don’t worry about humor or being liked by others.

Regardless of your blog writing style,  there are certain items that should be present in every article if you are trying to build an audience and create content that promotes sharing.

#1 Irresistible Titles

This may not be easy at first and might take some extra creativity, but your title could make or break the success of your article.   Remember, readers see numerous titles in the search results. So what will you do to make sure they click on your piece and not your competitors? One idea is to consider readers emotions.  To read more about how emotion can promote sharing see our infographic.

#2 Short Paragraphs and/or Bulletpoints

Make sure your article is easy to scan by limiting the amount of words in each paragraph, especially in the beginning of the post. You can even start your article off by placing the first few lines in their own paragraph. This may not be grammatically correct, but share-worthy content isn’t always written like a research paper!

#3 Describe a Problem and Offer a Solution

Start your article with a problem your audience could experience. This will help get readers attention and get them to continue reading. The idea here is to offer your readers some type of value, so discuss a common problem people have then provide a solution.

#4 Make it Easy for People to Share

If the goal is to get readers to share your content, make it easy for them! Be sure to include social sharing tools. If you are using WordPress there are plenty of plugins for social bookmarking. We use a WordPress plug in called Sociable

#5 Link to Other Articles

What’s better than having readers finish your article? Having them stick around to read more articles.  You can make it easy for people by providing links to other articles that are related to your topic.

#6 Optimize your posts

Every article should have at least one key word or key phrase you are targeting.  Optimize your posts with your key phrase to ensure that your content will be listed in the search results if someone searches for your targeted key phrase.

Michigan Internet Marketer Explains How to Write Share-Worthy Blog Posts

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