Maintaining Your Website's Search Engine Rankings

How Do You Maintain Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking?

Congratulations! Your Website is on the first page of Yahoo, Google and Bing.   Finally you can stop optimizing your site. Now it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits. Right?

Unfortunately … no.  Even though you may be satisfied with your website’s search engine ranking today, you still need to work hard to keep that ranking in the future.

Why do Websites lose their ranking with Google/Yahoo/Bing?

1. Search Engine Algorithms
The first reason is that the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. In other words, Google may change their  requirements as to what promotes search engine optimization. For example ten years ago, placing keywords in the keyword meta tags held a lot more weight than it does today. In fact, Google has stated on record that they no longer take keyword meta tags into account.

2. Your Competitors
Your high search engine ranking that you worked so hard to get, is not protected from your competitors. Recall that in order to get on the first page you had to push someone else further down or onto page 2. This could very easily happen to you if you start slacking and someone else just does a little more work than you. Remember how you studied your competitors that were on the first page? Your competitors will be watching you now and they will try to take that position from you. It is your job to outsmart them by continuing to optimize your site and add new content.

3. Seasonal Trends
Another factor to consider is seasonal trends. People’s search criteria may change throughout the year. Some of these are obvious such as air condition repair in the summer or Christmas gifts in December. Other items however may take a little more research. Certain products may even lose popularity so they will not be searched for as often. Software such as Google Trends can show you which key phrase are being used and when.

What You Can Do To Maintain Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking?

In order to have a high search engine ranking, either you spent a lot of your own time optimizing your site, or you hired an internet marketing company do optimize it for you.  Whether you invested your valuable time or money, you can’t afford to lose your position on the SERPs(search engine results pages).  So how do you ensure that you maintain your website’s search engine rankings?

One tip is to always add new content to your site. This can be done by adding new pages or blog posts. It is also important to keep evaluating your keywords and phrases. If you are not an internet marketer consider hiring one. This will save you time and ensure that everything is done correctly.

Maintain Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

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