How Michigan Businesses Can Convert Web Traffic into Revenue

How Michigan Businesses Can Convert Website Traffic into Customers

A lot of times, Michigan small business owners put so much focus on web page rank and generating traffic to their website that they forget about the other part of internet marketing: converting your traffic into customers. Just because someone finds you on Google doesn’t mean you are guaranteed the business.  When a potential client calls you on the phone, do you automatically have their business just because the phone rang?  Of course not, you continue to sell throughout the phone call . So why should your website be any different? Your website should be selling for you and helping you to convert your internet traffic into customers.

Keep Calls to Action Above the Fold

What are calls to action?  A call to action is anything that urges your visitor to take some type of action. This action doesn’t necessarily need to be a purchase. This can be any action that that brings the user closer to being a client. These actions may include include: subscribing to your blog, following you on Pinterest, or filling out your contact form.

What does above the fold mean?  When something is above the fold on a website,  people don’t have to scroll down to see it.  Your calls to action should be visible as soon as the page loads. In other words, your contact information should not be top secret information.   If your goal is to get more Facebook likes, be sure to add a like box where people can see it, not at the bottom in the footer. If you are going to place calls to action in the footer, be sure they are displayed someplace else on the page.

Professional Designs that are Compatible on any Device

If you want to turn your web visitors into new customers, it is important that your website is pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Don’t forget to make sure that your site looks good in all browsers, no just the one you happen to be using. For best results, your site should be responsive, which means the content will readjust to display on any device whether it’s a droid, ipad, small laptop, or 27″ monitor. To learn more, visit our article on responsive web design.

Keep it Simple

Not all of your website visitors are going to be as tech savy as you are. Realize that these types visitors may not have the patience to find your phone number buried 5 pages deep. Not only should your site be easy on the eyes and easy to read, it must be easy to navigate. It is important that navigation is consistent on every page. It’s alright to have a sub menu on certain pages, but your main navigation needs to be the same throughout the site.  You don’t want your potential customers to get lost or frustrated and leave your site.   Additionally, you want to make your site easy for Google to index all of your pages, to increase your chances of showing up on Google.  Avoid having broken links. Since mistakes do happen create 404 pages, just to make sure your covered.  You can even customize your 404 pages to add a joke or something specific to your industry.

What Else Michigan Business Owners Should Know

Of course all business owners want people to stay on their website and want want to convert all of their web traffic into revenue. Why have a website if you don’t want people to go to it?

But there is another reason to keep people on your site : Google. Remember that Google favors pages that are popular and that are clearly liked by people. Google can tell if a user gets frustrated and leaves your site right away. This is called the bounce rate. Google basically can tell how many people go to your site and leave and how long they stay for. If your site has a high bounce rate, your website may start to drop in the search results.

How Michigan Businesses Can Convert Website Traffic into Customers

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