How Michigan Business Owners Can Get More Online Exposure

If you are a Michigan business owner looking for ways to get more exposure online, the right internet marketing is crucial.  Facebook, Pinterest, blog articles, YouTube videos, you name it. It actually can be exhausting. How do you make sure your efforts don’t go unnoticed? You must create quality content,  content that has the potential to be shared among many viewers.

You probably have heard at one point or another the expression “gone viral”.

If something has gone viral, this means that content, such as blog articles, videos, or pictures has been shared so many times that it has gone widespread among users. Of course, this is any business owner’s dream. Although, even the best content will have trouble reaching millions of viewers,  by studying the key components as to what makes content go viral, will help you create shareable content.  Simply understanding why people talk and share can allow you to create a successful campaign and receive maximum exposure online!

How Michigan Business Owners Can Get Online Exposure

 It’s All About Emotion

The key to sharing is the amount of emotion people feel when they are viewing your content. Whether it is a shocking video or hilarious photo, the more aroused people are, the more likely it is that they will share with others. There are some emotions that cause more arousal than others. For example, anger, fear and joy will have more impact on people than sadness. We have listed some high level emotions below and how they promote the sharing of content.


People hate anxiety and unique content can make people feel like they must read it or they will be missing out on something.  This is especially true for news that is not the mainstream media or stories that have “slipped though the cracks”.


Unless you are a mean, miserable grouch, you love to laugh. There is nothing better than breaking up a serious day with a good hard laugh, and then passing it on to your friends to put a smile on their face.


Fear is one of the strongest emotions. How can you write content that causes fear yet still promotes sharing? Provide helpful tips with a sense or urgency.  For example, “ 5 Tips on How to Increase Sales Before Your Competition Does”.


Positive content that inspires people, is shared more than content that creates sadness. This could be a story with a positive outcome that people can relate to or it can be content that motivates or inspires people.


Although you may not please everyone, controversial topics will certainly travel fast, especially if you are challenging someone’s beliefs or values.


Provide content that is unbelievable or unusual and sharing will be hard to resist. What creates surprise? Anything that exceeds people’s original expectations.

How Michigan Business Owners Can Get More Online Exposure

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