How to have a Successfull Email Campaign

Email Campaign Secrets – The Subject Line

Email Campaign Myth:

The subject line is important, but not as important as the actual body of the email.

Email Campaign Fact:

You should put as much thought into your subject lines as you do the entire email.

Believe it or not, your subject line is just as important as your entire email content. Reason being, if you don’t have a good subject line your recipient won’t even bother to open your email. People receive hundreds of emails a day. What you write as your subject determines whether or not your subscribers hit delete or take the time to open your mail. So for your next email campaign, choose your subject line carefully.

Another consideration should be spam filters. There are certain subject lines that will stop your mail before it even makes it to your subscriber’s inbox. It’s a tough world out there when it comes to email marketing, but we have some tips for email campaigns that are spam-free and generate responses.

Don’t shout at your recipients

Never write in all capitals. WRITING LIKE THIS IS THE EQUIVELANT OF YELLING. Also, avoid too much punctuation, especially the “!” This is not at all professional and just plain obnoxious.

Be careful of “free”

Unless you want to end up in the spam folder, never use the word “free” as the first word in your subject line. Spam filters automatically stop these emails so they will never even make it to the inbox. Another red flag for spam filters may be the dollar sign. Imagine all of the hours you spend putting together an email campaign and not one of your subscribers would even see it. Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t be sneaky

Don’t try to trick people. Make sure that your email body matches the subject line. Being misleading says that you are dishonest and if your emails are misleading, your products probably will be too. Not to mention, your email address will be added to their spam list in a hurry.

Put yourself in someone else’s inbox

It only makes sense. Put the shoe on the other foot. What subject lines drive you to open mail and which emails do you delete before you even open them. If you can’t remember, take a look at your trash folder. Start paying attention to the emails that you read and the emails you delete.

Put your name on it

Make sure to put your company name in the subject line. This has two benefits. First your subscribers will know it’s you and builds trust. Second, you are promoting your brand. That’s kind of the idea, don’t you think?

Track your email campaign results

Track all of your email campaigns and compare open rates. What do the successful campaigns have in common with one another. Is it the subject line? Learn what works and stay with it.


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