Drive more traffic to your website than the competition

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site Than Your Competitors

Traffic driving tips that outrun the competition

Traffic Driving Tip – It All Starts with Your Domain Name

One way to drive traffic that is overlooked is including keywords in your actual domain name. A lot of business owners are concerned with customers remembering their domain, so they keep it short and simple or even use accronyms. This is the wrong idea and it can be the difference between ratings that are “so so”, and ratings that move the competition further down the search result pages. Still buy the user friendly domain but buy a domain name that is search friendly too. You can direct both domains to your website.

Traffic driving tips that outrun the competition

Traffic Driving Tip – Sprinkle in Some Social Media

Social media is not a fad, nor is it a way to look up your ex boyfriends/girlfriends and see how terrible they look.(although that can be fun) If you haven’t heard, social media is a marketing tool that helps businesses connect with people and build business relationships and new clients. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a good start, but if you really want results you should sign up for 50-60 social media sites. This sounds like a lot of work but reaching any new goal usually is. If your goal is to increase your client base and generate more sales. It’s time to get to work.

What does social media have to do with SEO? Social media provides outside links to your website, and in turn, brings more traffic your way. Not only do you recieve the initial traffic, but your page rank will increase as your site becomes more popular.

Traffic driving tips that outrun the competition

Traffic Driving Tip – Google Loves Fresh Content

What if everyday there were the same shows on TV, or even worse the same episodes? The TV would lose it’s value…fast. People would find something else to do besides watch the tube. Of course this would never happen, but it makes a point that people like new things and new information.

Google’s job is to provide people with what they want to see. Google is designed to produce not only relavant content but sites with valuable content. It’s that simple.

Traffic driving tips that outrun the competition

Traffic Driving Tip – Make the Commitment and Stick to it

Search Engine Optimization is not something you do once and your’e done. It is ongoing. A lot of people think that there is this secret magic performed to drive internet traffic.

Here is the secret: hard work and consistency.

Even when you have reached your goal and you are happy with where your page ranks, what are you going to do to protect your ranking?What will stop the next person from shoving you down the search engine results page? Competitors will always be there. It is your job to always be one step ahead of them!

Start Bringing Traffic to Your Website and Outrun the Competition

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