Content Marketing is not just about Content!  

What Is Content Marketing?If you were told about a digital marketing strategy that produces significant results for only 6% of the businesses using it, would you give it much thought?  Probably not!

But, if you were told about a digital marketing strategy that will increase – and can even double –  the leads you generate from your website, would you want to hear more?  Of course you would!

Well, pay attention because you’re about to learn a bit more about Content Marketing and how to get the most out of it so you can become part of the 6%. 

Skeptical?  Not to worry. We’re pretty sure those businesses in that “upper 6%” were also a bit skeptical about investing time and resources in a continuous flow of original, engaging content that is:

  • Professionally written to inform their site visitors
  • Based on topics relevant to their businesses and industries
  • Useful and “linkable”
  • Presented in such a way that it naturally heightens a website’s ranking without appearing as if that was its sole purpose.

However, even if adding the above to their marketing activities and budget did seem daunting at first, those businesses in the “6%” “took the leap” and began doing those things (or hired a Content Marketing specialist to do it for them).  And they started experiencing spikes – in page rankings, website traffic, lead generation, inquiries, and sales.  Or, as I like to say, “More Leads,  More Clients,  More Sales”.  These same results are also available to you and your company.

What is Content?

Content is what your site visitors see.  It includes all copy (text), images and video on the pages of your site. And, even though it’s the most important aspect of SEO, SEO should not be the first (most obvious) objective of any content you post on your site.

Your content – in all its formats – needs to be fresh, original, informative, useful, and engaging! Your topics need to be relevant to your business, your industry, your services and/or your  products.  In other words, you can’t write and post an article on a topic just because it’s about – or is saturated with  – highly searched keywords. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic activity that involves creating and publishing quality content to heighten brand awareness and attract more site visitors, prospects, and customers. In effect, it involves continuously creating and publishing new content (as described above) on your site.  The most effective means of doing this are through blogs, white papers, articles (either original or shared), and eBooks – all of which are enhanced with a visually appealing mix of infographics, photos, and videos.

The fact of the matter is that Content Marketing is a sophisticated multi-level marketing activity that is only as effective as your long term commitment to it. You won’t see any results if you post a couple articles one month and then go three or four weeks before you post a couple more.

Furthermore, Content Marketing requires a mix of skills – both creative and technical.  Those “6%” of businesses either have their Content Marketing activities conducted in-house by skilled digital marketing specialists or they have hired a professional digital marketing service provider to handle the activities for them.

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or have been in business for many years, take a moment and really think through your entire digital marketing plan.  If you recognize the greater value professionally created/formatted content can bring to your overall internet marketing plan, let us know.

We have the experience and talent – technically and creatively – to help you develop, manage and maintain an effective Content Marketing program.