Basic SEO Techniques for 2017

Basic SEO Techniques for 2017

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You may have heard that Google is constantly adjusting it’s algorithms for search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, Google changes what factors are considered when ranking your Web pages so the seo techniques that Webmasters used 5-10 years ago may not be valid today.

Google does not provide us with a clear outline of their updated requirements.  It is not that black and white. However through research, experience, and a little common sense, we can develop a good understanding of what factors increase your ranking and drive more traffic to your website. We have listed 5 Basic  SEO techniques to follow in 2017 and chances are you can count on these techniques for a very long time.

Basic SEO Technique #1 – Valuable Information and Lots of it

If you only remember one thing, remember this: Content is King. But not just any content, quality content that people will want to read. The perfect recipe for content that draws traffic is this:

  • Keywords and phrases sprinkled throughout your text so Google can associate your pages with a user’s search terms.
  • Well written copy that does not abuse the use of keywords. Your text should still read well out loud.
  • Your Website should have a higher page count than your competitors. The more quality content you have the higher you will rank with Google.

Basic SEO Technique #2 – Quality, Fast Loading Code

If your website has large image files that take forever to load, broken links, or any cumbersome code that may cause error, this could potentially create a negative user experience.  Remember that Google takes a visitors experience in consideration when ranking your pages and as a Webmaster or Website owner you should too!

Basic SEO Technique #3 – Navigation that is Easy to Follow

Again, consider user experience. If your navigation is not clear, consistent, and easy for your visitors to navigate, you can assume that your website will be confusing for Google when it spiders your pages.

Basic SEO Technique #4 – Add New Content on a Regular Basis

Remember: Content rules when it comes to generating traffic to your website. The only thing that is better than content itself is FRESH content. This is because Google indexes sites with new information, why index a page with stale boring content? Can you blame them? And if you add new content consistently, such as blog posts, look out! Your website will have more traffic than rush hour at 4pm in Manhattan.  If you hate to write, contact a seo copywriting service to help you!

Basic SEO Technique #4 – External Links

Google considers external links to your website as votes. This does not mean just any old links either. There are lots of link building schemes out there so beware! Some links can actually do more harm to your site if they rank lower than yours.

Aside from these links counting as “votes”, external links will help users stumble upon your site that may not have otherwise, increasing your website traffic that much more.

Putting it All Together

Some people look at SEO as some sort of mystery, as if only a few of us have the secret formula to get on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Really it is simple. Provide content that promotes positive user experience, lots of it, and add new content like this consistently.

Pay attention to your visitors and Google will pay attention to you.

Do You Have the 5 Basic SEO Techniques for Your Website?

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