8 Ideas for Your Next Blog Post - by Michigan Internet Marketer

8 Ideas for Your Next Blog Post – by Michigan Internet Marketer

It’s not easy coming up with new blog article ideas, especially if you have been blogging for awhile.

1. The Top 10____.

Create a top 10 list relative to your type of business. It may be top 10 reasons to do something, top 10 tips to do something better or it can be a top 10 list of products in your industry.

For example if you are an interior decorator, your article might be “10 Ways to Make a Room Appear Larger”.

2. Tips

This is where you can use your expertise to provide helpful tips. Be sure your tips are related to your business.

If you are a financial planner , you may write an article like “Tips on How to Save Money During the Holidays “.

3. How Tos

Similar to tips, “how to” articles show readers how to do something or how to do something better.

A personal trainer may choose to write an article on how to perform a particular exercise.

4. Case Studies

Do your own research and testing on something such as a new product in your industry and then write about your results.  Another approach is to ask a question and then answer it based on other case studies.

For example, “Does Skipping Breakfast Help you Lose Weight?”

5. Motivational Posts

These posts share a success story of how someone overcame a problem and motivate other to take the same actions to achieve their goals.

For example,  how someone saved $5,000.00 by only putting x amount of dollars away a week. Or how someone looks 10 years younger after using a certain product.

6. Response Posts

Respond to someone else’s post.  For example, if a blogger has a strong opinion on a particular topic, respond with the opposite opinion.

7. Rants

Here is your chance to vent about a topic and probably receive a lot of interaction from people. This doesn’t mean to be offensive or obnoxious, but present your side on a controversial topic.

8. The Sales Pitch

Let’s face it, you are in business to make money and you are using a blog as an advertising tool. Your blogs shouldn’t all be selling but you should throw in the occasional article that promotes your products and services.

8 Ideas for Your Next Blog Post – by Michigan Internet Marketer

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