Ideas for Your Next Social Media Campaign

5 Great Ideas for your Next Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign Idea 1: Come up with a contest

If you really want to interact with your followers create a competition. Reward the winner with not only a prize but really put the spotlight on them. The idea here is most people enjoy being the center of attention (and they of course like winning things). This is a great way to create a memorable social media campaign. A contest entry can be something as simple as fans uploading photos to compete for the best picture. For example if you are a company that sells gardening tools, you could have a contest for the most impressive front yard.

Social Media Campaign Idea 2: Free Samples of your product

Invest in some free samples for a small portion of your followers. This idea will work extremely well for your company if your products are not well known yet. It may cost a small amount to give away samples, but the reward will be worth it. You interact with your followers and create brand awareness just by even announcing a giveaway. Then just sit back and wait, because unless you have a bad product, your happy recipients will be giving you praise online and offline.

Social Media Campaign Idea 3: Reward New Fans with printable coupons

If you are trying to build a bigger fan base give a little incentive by providing coupons after they “like” your page. It doesn’t have to be too costly. Even 10-15% off of a service will be appreciated by your new fans. Besides, the word of mouth will pay for revenue you initially lose from the coupons.

Social Media Campaign Idea 4: Be an Inspiration

People love new ideas especially if they are unique and out of the ordinary. Provide inspirational tips to your followers or use these tips as a way to attract new fans. For example, if you are a department store that sells home decor, show pictures of unique decorating ideas. If you are in the food industry, provide free recipes. People always enjoy new information and ideas and this is something you can always give away for little or no cost.

Social Media Campaign Idea 5: Place attention on an event

Whether it be a fundraiser or an upcoming sale, keep followers informed of new events. If you like you could hold special sales events for fans only. This makes your fans feel special but it encourages more people to become followers.

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