Facebook marketing tips to increase business

5 Facebook Tips to Increase Business

Facebook Tip 1 – It’s a two way street

Consider your relationships with people. What if you had a friend where the only time you talked was when you called them. You had okay conversations, but this person never called you. Would you call that a good friendship?

A common mistake of facebook users is to think that posting a little here and there is enough communication to build consumer relationships and increase business. However, similar to real relationships, you have to invest time and show interest in what your “friends” are saying and doing. Don’t be shy! Comment on other’s posts or blogs.

Facebook Tip 2 – Posting once a week doesn’t count

Again, let’s use personal relationships as an example. How long do you think your marriage is going to last if you have a conversation once a week ? Ummm…I’m going to say one week, maybe two? I am not saying you have to be married to your facebook. What I am saying is you need to put a little time and effort into your Facebook marketing by posting and commenting on others posts. How often should you post? Start with every other day is a good amount. After you start posting more often, track your results to see if you see an increase in sales.

Facebook Tip 3 – Get over yourself

Have you had the pleasure of talking to someone that constantly talked about themself? They start every sentence with “I”, or “My”. Bragging is just plain rude and no one enjoys listening to it. And no one wants to hear you brag all the time on facebook either.

It is still alright to sell a little, after all we are talking about Facebook marketing, just be discreet. If you are going to sell, talk about what you can do to make your client’s life easier. People want to know what’s in it for them.

Facebook Tip 4 – Be Informative

Even if you don’t have a promotion or giveaway to announce, there is something that you can always offer people – Free Information! People always want to be better at things and to gain knowledge. Another advantage is that you sound like an expert in your field.

One thing to remember is, when your followers comment or ask questions always be sure to make them feel like their own expert. Don’t act like a know it all and make people uncomfortable. In fact, try to learn something from your audience. Ask people questions so you will be able to take things away from the conversation. Who knows? You may even be able to use the conversation for posting or blogging material!

Facebook Tip 5 – Show your personality

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is not a place to constantly brag about yourself. However it is important for people to feel as if they know you and your interests. There is a difference between talking about yourself too much and simply sharing your interests with others. It’s not complicated. Just remember how you talk to people in person. Facebook is not that different.

A good way to show people your interests would be to share something funny your 4 year old did last weekend when you and your family went camping. You are sharing something entertaining and funny and at the same time saying ” I have children. I like traveling and doing things outdoors”.


Use Facebook Marketing to Increase Business

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Use Facebook Marketing to Increase Business

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