5 Basic SEO Techniques to OUTRANK your Competition

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Basic SEO Techniques for 2017 Call the Detroit SEO Experts: 586-260-1344 You may have heard that Google is constantly adjusting it's algorithms for search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, Google changes what factors are considered when ranking your Web pages so the seo techniques that Webmasters used 5-10 years ago may not be valid [...]

How to Find the Best Metro Detroit SEO Company

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When finding SEO services in Metro Detroit or across the country that is going to help you establish your online presence, generally there are a lot of factors that go into the process.  If you’re a local small business inMetro Detroit, then you are all too familiar with hard times, but you also probably know [...]

Michigan SEO Firm Explains On Page Ranking Factors

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How to Increase Your Google Ranking with On Page SEO If you want to increase online traffic with SEO techniques, there are hundreds of ranking factors to consider. All of these factors can be categorized into 2 groups: on page SEO and off page SEO. In this article we will cover some of the basics of [...]

Michigan SEO Expert Lists 4 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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4 SEO Mistakes Michigan Business Owners Make 1. Not Using the Right Keywords One huge SEO mistake Michigan business owners make is choosing their keywords without doing the proper research. What I mean by keywords is, words or phrases people type into Google when looking for products and services in your industry. We understand that [...]

Affordable Internet Marketing for Michigan Businesses

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Affordable Internet Marketing for Michigan Businesses If you are a Michigan business owner looking for a more prominent presence on the web,  you may think that a professionally designed website, that looks great on any device and ranks at the top of Google may be out of reach. The truth is you do not have to [...]

Michigan SEO Company Explains How to Select the Right Key Phrases

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Michigan SEO Company Explains How to Select the Best Key Phrases Before you can optimize your website for a particular key phrase, you must know what words people use when they search for your products or services online.  So how can you be sure you choose the right keywords for your website? Location, Location, Location Usually [...]

Is Your Michigan Business Optimized for Local Search?

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Is Your Michigan Business Optimized for Local Search? When you think of Local Search what comes to mind? Optimizing your website by targeting specific locations in your key phrases? That definitely plays a huge part in search engine optimization but there are even more ways to help your Michigan business receive more exposure online. One of these [...]

3 Misconceptions About “Content is King”

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Michigan SEO Consultant explains 3 Misconceptions About "Content is King" Anyone who has done any research on SEO techniques has heard the phrase "content is king" at one point or another, if not a hundred times. And yes, it’s true that content plays a huge role in search engine optimization. The problem is people's perception [...]

Social SEO Tips for your Michigan Small Business

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Social SEO Tips for your Michigan Small Business #1 Optimizing Social Media Profiles This does not mean to sign up for Facebook upload a profile picture and then forget about everything else. No one likes to fill out information online, we know it's no fun but the more details you add, the more search-friendly your [...]

How to Use Local SEO for Michigan Businesses

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How to Use Local SEO for Michigan Businesses Does your website show up on Google when people search for businesses in your industry? Sure it's nice to have a site to send your existing customers to, but what about reaching out to new clients? If you are like most Michigan business owners, you spent a [...]