Twitter Tips for your Michigan small business

Twitter Marketing Tips for your Michigan Small Business

Twitter marketing Tip 1 – Choose a Username with Keywords

You should carefully consider your Twitter username to make sure it accurately portrays your company identity and attracts your target audience at the same time. When deciding on a username, include a key word relative to your industry. This way, when potential followers do a search for your type of business, your name will come up in the search results. For example: If Apple was not as popular as they are today, they would need to have a username with “technology” or “devices” in it. Simply having the username Apple123 would not be enough from a search perspective. Of course huge brands like Apple or Nike stand well enough on there own, but companies that are not as popular, should create user names carefully.

Twitter marketing Tip 2 – Promote your Twitter account online and offline

Some people stay so focused on marketing with Twitter online that they forget about traditional marketing methods. After you create your username, be sure to place it on all of your marketing materials so people can find you outside of Twitter. Include your username in your email signature, website, and business cards. Don’t forget to include your link to your Twitter profile on your other social media sites.

Twitter marketing Tip 3 – Use Proper “Tweettiquete”

  • Share interesting and informative links that are related to your business. This makes you appear as an expert in your industry without having links only directed to your website.
  • Be careful of how heavy you sell as you don’t want to appear as a spammer or simply someone that sells too much.
  • If you would like someone to retweet(RT) your message, simply include a “Please Retweet” at the end of your message. Don’t request retweets for all of your messages – use the retweet in moderation.
  • Try to retweet messages if any of your peeps(people you are following) request a retweet.
  • The retweet format is RT@(username) This repeats the message and gives credit to the original person who tweeted the message
  • If you are going to copy someone’s tweet and paste it in your Twitter feed, always use a retweet and always give the original “peep” credit. If you don’t do these things it is considered plagerizing or “Twaigiarizing”
  • Participate in #FollowFriday which means recommending people for others to follow. Simply place #FollowFriday in front of the usernames you want to recommend. For example: #FollowFriday,@username1,@username2

Twitter Marketing Tip 4- Take Advantage of the Twitter Marketing Tools available

Sure Twitter is a powerful marketing tool, but there are applications out there to make your experience even better. TweetDeck is a free application with many features. Here are just a few:

  • Organizes all of your tweets and direct messages so they are easier to view and manage.
  • Makes it easier to send a DirectMessage or retweet by pressing one button.
  • There is a way to set it up so that if anyone tweets about you or your company, you will receive a notification whether you are following the author or not.

Twitter Marketing for Your Michigan Small Business

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