Spyder Byte Media Website checklist

The Spyder Byte Media Website Checklist

small business website checklist

Planning and Research

At Spyder Byte media, we believe a successful website involves time and research before the first line of text is even written. You first must reserve the right domain name which involves research itself, if you want a domain that drives traffic. Also, you must study the competition, determine your goals, keywords and target audience.

Once you do all of your homework, you are ready to start planning out your actual website. How will you organize your content and navigation? This planning phase is sometimes called the wireframe. A website wireframe is comparable to a blueprint for a house.

small business website checklist

Write Quality Content

Now you are ready to write your text. When writing content, always consider your website goals. What do you want to accomplish with your website? Are you trying to drive people to the shopping cart? Are you trying to gain trust from the consumer and create brand awareness?

At Spyder Byte media, we combine your goals with copy that is engaging to the user. We know what type of web copy keeps visitors on your site and sells products.

small business website checklist

Well Planned Design

Now the website wireframe and text are in order, it is time to display it an attractive design. This also will take planning, since designing is more than making things look good, you must carefully place your contact information and other calls to action.

Remember to refer to your website goals. How will you incorporate these goals in the design? For example, if your goal is get users to sign up for a service, where will you place the sign up button?

small business website checklist

Optimize Pages for Search Engines

If you have already done your keyword research then you know what words and phrases will work best for your business. If you haven’t done this already than hop to it! Take your existing copy and incorporate your key phrases so that Google can index your site accordingly.

This is a great start, but there a lot of factors to consider when optimizing your pages for the search engines. For example, you must know how often to repeat your key phrases in order to stay in the ratio that Google requires. Learn more about SEO techniques

At Spyder Byte Media, we know the what factors increase your page rank, and how to select key words that generate targeted traffic.

small business website checklist

Integrate Social Media and External Links

An important ingredient in the internet marketing mix is social media. Social media can help you promote your website and your business as a whole. Social Media also provides external links to your website, which are a contributing factor to Google’s ranking system.

This means way more than just signing up for Facebook and Twitter. There are hundreds of social media sites available so you will want to sign up for as many accounts that you can maintain. Use Social bookmarking sites, online directories, classified ads, video sharing sites to provide links back to your site.

small business website checklist

Never Stop Updating

A common misunderstanding is that at one point a website is done. If you want Google to keep spidering your site, you need to add new content on a regular basis. We know that some of your content won’t always change, but writing blog articles is a perfect solution. Writing articles allows you to keep your customers up to date on events, be an authority in your field, and generate fresh content for the search engines.

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