SEO techniques you may not have considered

SEO Techniques You May Not Have Considered

It seems that a lot of emphasis is placed on “on page” SEO techniques. Although these strategies are important, there are some obvious things that are forgotten or perhaps never even considered.

SEO Techniques – Article Directories

Article directories provide an additional way for website owners to direct traffic to their website. This is done by writing articles and submitting them to sites such as For this approach, your articles should be based on How tos or tips related to your industry and not a sales pitch.  Write enough tips to make the reader want to find out more by following a link to your website.

SEO Techniques – Classified Ads

Unlike article marketing, classified ads, allow you to post an actual ad about your company. Take for instance. It draws a ton of traffic and the advertisements are categorized by industry, helping you to reach customers in your niche market. Include your web address in the post, and now you are generating targeted traffic from visitors that have already started the buying process . Not to mention, the overall increased traffic you can bring to your site, which improves your ranking. You can’t go wrong here.

SEO Techniques – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarks are a way for users to collect and organize their favorite websites and share them with others. Here is how it works. Members of a site such as will submit links to their favorite sites and organize them by keywords called tags. Then other visitors will search for a topic such as “web design tips”. The search results will be made up of the bookmarks that people have saved. This means that one of your links can show up in these results. Also, most bookmarking sites allow readers to “vote” on a link. Several positive votes can promote your link to the popular/recommended area of the site. Extremely popular articles are posted on the front page of the site.

SEO Techniques – Online Business Directories

You could consider online business directories to be today’s digital equivalency of the yellow pages, but with a lot more benefits. Since more people turn to the internet today than flip through a phonebook, it is crucial to submit your business to online directories. Examples of these types of sites are yelp, merchant circle, Google places, and Bing. Not only can you receive more phone calls or walk ins from these directories, if you include a link to your website, you can draw more targeted traffic to your site.

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