SEO Company in Michigan Explains How to Get More Online Reviews

The Dos and Don’ts of Generating Online Reviews

The online and offline reputation for your business is crucial. As a business the first step is to get your brand name out there. As you probably already know one negative review often has more impact than a collection of positive ones.  So how can you generate more reviews from your satisfied customers?

DO: Simply Ask for Reviews

Remember it never hurts to ask your clients for a review whether it be in person, over the phone or in an email.   Explain that you value their feedback and use it to help provide the best service possible.

Waiting too long too long to ask for a review may not be as effective. It is best to ask clients for reviews right after you have provided services while the experience is fresh in their mind.

DON’T: Provide a Reward for Reviewers

Even if your clients are extremely happy with your product or services, sometimes they need some incentive to take the time and write a review.

However, providing a reward in exchange for a review could be perceived as paying for a good review which may even result in penalties on certain review websites.

You may not be able incentivize reviews but you can provide a reward for check-ins. For example, a restaurant might offer a free dessert to customers who check-in on Facebook.

DO: Make it easy for your clients to leave a review

Instead of sending clients to the home page of your website or Google + page, provide them with a direct link to where they can leave a review. The key here is to eliminate as many steps as possible.

DON’T:  Have Clients Post Reviews at Your Location

It seems like it would make sense to set up a laptop at your location so that clients have leave a review immediately after you have provided services.

The problem with this is that all reviews are coming from one IP address.  Some review sites like Google and Yelp do not allow too many reviews from the same place.  This could appear to be one person posting multiple fake reviews from one location.

DO: Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews right away shows that you value your clients input.  This is especially true for negative reviews as it shows that you have tried to accommodate the person and solve any problems.

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