How to Write Effective Blog Articles

How to Write Effective Blog Articles

Write articles that get people talking

Before you even write the first line, think of a topic that has potential to grow with conversation.

Here is an example of a good blog article for a home remodeling business. Begin by providing a few tips on what not to do when attempting to update your kitchen. Next, provide a funny example of what could happen if the work is done incorrectly. Finally, ask your audience to share any “remodeling gone bad stories”

Here is what we accomplished

  • The tips at the beggining of the article are informative
  • The DIY(do it yourself) nightmare stories make the reader laugh
  • The question at the end facilitates conversation
  • Promotes remodeling services by reminding people not to attempt DIY.

Notice that we could have stopped the article after the remodeling tips, instead we involved the readers by asking them to share experiences.

Don’t Just Write Articles About Your Business

For some,  a blog  is used as a hobby or to build personal relationships. But if you are writing blog articles for your business, let’s be honest, you aren’t blogging for the idle chit chat. You are blogging to build relationships, generate leads, and gain clients. It seems natural to write about what’s new with your company, why someone should hire you, specials you are offering, and other topics about your business. This is fine but you will need to switch it up. Post about events in your industry or even events in the news.

By nature, people are interested in reading blog articles that benefit to them somehow.

  • How to save time
  • How to improve their appearance
  • How to be healthier
  • How to save money

So even when you are writing your articles focused on sales, spin them in a way that makes your readers not only want to keep reading, but persuasive enough to bring them closer to buying your product.

The Cure for Writers Block

You may start out with a bazillion great ideas for your blog articles, but after awhile you may be stumped staring at your monitor. It happens to everyone. So what can you do to keep ideas flowing?

Read, read and if you have extra time read some more. The idea here is that you will be exposing yourself to new ideas constantly. At the same time you will be gaining knowledge, perhaps giving you more topics to write about. You will be surprised at how much more you will have to write about. Think about it. If you sat at home all day and never worked or went out, when you did see your friends, what would you have to talk about? Not too much.

Another tip is to write things down. Do you ever get an idea when you are driving your car or out having dinner?  Conversations with people may even trigger an idea. But then, a day or two later when you sit down to write the idea is gone. This is why it is important to write article ideas down. I’m not asking you to lug around a notebook with you every waking second, but when you get a blog article idea, you can type it into your phone or make a mental note at the very least.

Write better blog articles for your business.

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