Your Site isn’t Mobile Friendly

Michigan Web Design Company Explains 4 Web Design Mistakes

For some reason, there are still companies out there with flash based websites, or have websites that were not designed for mobile devices. If your site uses flash, does not have a responsive design, or is slow loading,  chances are your visitors on mobile devices won’t be staying long.

Do you see the photo of the girl above?  People don’t do this anymore.  If I’m driving around trying to find somewhere to eat, I’m not pulling over to power up my notebook.  And mobile users are not the only critics here. Google prioritizes responsive, mobile friendly websites over those that are not.

I Took a Web Design Class They Said. I’ll Give You a Deal They Said.

Michigan Web Design Company Explains 4 Web Design MistakesSometimes a bargain is not always the best deal. A deal on shoes? That’s one thing … but for certain purchases and long term commitments, I’m not going to make a decision on cost alone.

Your website is a representation of your company and at times someone’s first impression.  Take your website seriously and have a professional web design company build it for you.  A well designed site says that you are trustworthy and not some fly by night company.  When it comes to your company website, hire a, Michigan web design company with experience.

You Talk About Yourself Too Much

Michigan Web Design Company Explains 4 Web Design MistakesUnfortunately, we all know someone that never has anything to talk about other than themselves. Every sentence begins with either ” I ” or “My” and we cannot get a word in edgewise. Don’t sound like one of these people on your website.  If you are going to do promoting do it in a subtle way. Because no matter how great your company is, your audience is only concerned with what you can do for them and how you will solve their problems.  Consider these things when you write content. For example,  don’t talk about what an expert you are. Provide some tips or advice to show what an expert you are.

Your Website Frustrates People

Michigan Web Design Company Explains 4 Web Design Mistakes“How do I get back to the home page on this site?” or “How do I get out of here?”

This is what users are saying  when your navigation menu is confusing, inconsistent, or you have broken links.

Another frustration is when people cannot understand what type of company you are or what your message is.  A professionally designed website makes it very clear what the site is about within a few seconds.

Don’t forget, contact information should be very easy to find, and really should be on every page if possible.

Michigan Web Design Company Explains 4 Web Design Mistakes

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