MIchigan Small Business Blog Article Ideas

Michigan Small Business Blog Article Ideas

Do you have blog writers block? It’s not that you aren’t full of information, you just need a little inspiration sometimes. You want to write about things that people will want to read , but just what do people want to read about anyway? People will have different personalities and interests but most of what we read online can be categorized into 2 broad groups.

1.Searching for information that will make our life easier

Examples: new recipes, how to improve your golf swing, customer reviews to make sure you buy the right product or service.

2.Pure entertainment and pleasure

Examples tabloid gossip, sports, videos that are funny or bizarre.

It doesn’t matter what topic you are writing about, try to write about it in a way that is either entertaining or informative. I am not asking you to write about Hollywood gossip or interview a professional athlete but just keep those 2 categories in mind when you are writing yor blog.
Here are some topics to give you a head start on your next Michigan small business blog

Informative Small Business Blog Ideas

  • 10 tips to a better _____.
  • 5 mistakes people make when buying a _____.
  • 4 questions to ask before you hire a _____.
  • 10 new ideas for your next_____.
  • How to get more out of your ________.
  • Your review of a product in your industry.
  • Adjust your posts for different seasons. For example: “Summer Sales” or “Winter Activities”

Notice that the blanks can be filled in depending on what type of business you are writing a blog article for. For example if you are a realtor in Michigan you could write “5 mistakes people make when buying a Michigan home”, or “4 questions to ask before hiring an realtor”.

Entertaining Small Business Blog Ideas

  • An interview with someone well known and respected in your industry.
  • Your opinion or inside scoop about a new product in your industry that is coming out soon. For example: if you work for a store selling computer parts and software, talk about the new version of Windows if it is expected soon.
  • Provide a humorous or extreme example of what could happen if someone doesn’t buy your services.

Write a better Michigan Small Business Blog

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