Michigan SEO Expert Explains Facebook Likes

Michigan SEO Expert Explains – What You Might Not Know About Facebook Likes

If you are a Michigan business owner with a Facebook page, of course you want as many likes as possible, but did you know there is more to Facebook likes than a popularity contest? You can really get your brand in front of people who may not have heard of you otherwise. For starters:

  • When someone likes your Facebook business page, this activity will be displayed in their friend’s news feed. This means if your new fan has 100 friends, these 100 people will see that your fan has liked your business.
  • If you post something and one of your fans comment, like, or share your post, it could potentially show up in the newsfeed of those who are friends with your fan.

Likes and Facebook Search

That little white search box at the top of Facebook? It’s not just for finding people anymore. Facebook now has what is called a graph search. In a Facebook search, business pages are displayed in the results and they are prioritized by your friends recommendations ( aka – your friend’s likes).

Quality over Quantity

Now that you know the real benefits of Facebook likes, you might be tempted to try and get as many likes as possible, but you should carefully consider who you want liking your Facebook page.

You should try to get likes from people that already have a true interest in your field.  If you get likes from people who you don’t really have a connection with, it will be hard to get these people engaged. It is unlikely that they will share or comment on your posts. In other words the chances are slim that these types of “likers” will be promoting your Facebook page to their Facebook friends.

Think Before You Post

Before you post something, make sure you are aware of the potential that post has for advertising. Quality content will be shared and liked over mediocre content, and shared content can bring you even more likes. Remember if you post something and one of your fans engages, their activity will be displayed in their friends news feeds.

Quality content is usually not a sales pitch. Quality content provides value to the user. Any type of value whether it is helpful tips, exclusive information, or just a good laugh.

A smaller group of quality likes better than a large group of random people who might not be as  interested.

Be sure to check out additional tips on  how to get more Facebook likes without using ads or see our infographic, how Michigan businesses can get more Facebook likes.

Michigan SEO Expert Explains – What You Might Not Know About Facebook Likes

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