Michigan SEO Expert Explains How Email Marketing Is Changing

Michigan SEO Expert Explains How Email Marketing Is Changing

Email marketing is nothing new. Small businesses have been using it for years to stay in contact with clients and promote their services. And with so many people having email at their fingertips,  due to the increased use of smartphones, the results of this type of marketing can be even more rewarding. However, this increased amount of smartphone use could actually backfire if your emails are not mobile friendly.

That’s not all that is changing in email marketing land. Today, it is too easy for people to become desensitized to email messages. With inboxes becoming overloaded, how can you ensure your email will get opened?

Michigan SEO Expert Explains: Email Marketing Today

How to Optimize for Mobile Users

If you have been following our articles, you already know how crucial responsive web design is. What about responsive email templates? If you are using software to create your newsletters,  check to see if there is an option for responsive templates.  Today, email marketing software should include previews for both mobile and desktop devices. If not, reconsider your email marketing software.

In addition to responsive templates, remember to keep your design simple and not to clutter it with too many graphics. Your calls to action should be easy to find, at the top of your emails.

How to Promote Higher Open Rates

With the rise in cellphone use, people no longer have to wait until they get home to access their desktop computer to browse the Web, socialize or check email. And this can be great for Michigan small businesses who are using email marketing to promote their services. One the other hand, constant access to information can cause consumers to be less observant of emails or feel overwhelmed with the amount of advertising, causing them to delete or unsubscribe.

Here are some tips to decrease deletes and unsubscribes:

1. Triggered Email

Use the triggered email approach. People are more likely to open emails if they are based off of their behavior or actions. These actions may be a customer opening an account, placing an item in their shopping cart or even viewing an item on your website.

2. The Subject Line

You wouldn’t believe how much this single line determines whether your email gets opened. Many business owners and marketers spend all of their time on the body of the email and do not put enough thought into the subject.

Your subject should grab someone’s attention yet be short and to the point. It should be worded in a way that will provoke someones curiosity.  So, what will you do to get noticed?

Michigan SEO Expert Explains How Email Marketing Is Changing

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