Michigan SEO Company Explains Social Media Faux Pas

Michigan SEO Company Explains Social Media Faux Pas

If you want to get the most out of social media marketing for your Michigan business, it is crucial that you avoid social media faux pas.  For some reason, companies think that networking online is different from networking in person. Sure it is a little different, but the way we interact and create relationships shouldn’t change.

When it comes to social networking, a good rule of thumb is: If you wouldn’t do it in a face to face conversation, don’t do it on the web!

Posting Too Much

“Are you kidding me!?”

This is what your fans will be saying when you start flooding their news feeds with your postings.
You may have experienced this yourself when one of your Facebook friends posts so many things it requires a good 2 minute scroll just to get through all of their information. Limit your posts to a few times each day. This is enough to promote your brand but not become irritating.

Only Talking About Yourself

Would you do this?  Go to a networking luncheon held by your Chamber of Commerce, and brag throughout the entire event. When someone at your table talks about anything other then your company, ignore them and proceed to talking about your company some more.

If you did this, chances are at the next luncheon you will be sitting at a table all alone.

No one likes a show off … Then why do some companies do this on social media sites?  Notice it is called SOCIAL media and SOCIAL networking.  There is nothing social about a one sided conversation consisting of bragging and promoting.

No matter how great your company is, your fans are not interested in you they are interested in them, and what your company could possibly do for them.

Sure we know that you are networking in hopes of generating more business, but there a more subtle ways of selling.

Not Taking the Time to Learn the Laws

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest social media.  Not only are different types of accounts popping up every day, but the interface on your existing accounts could be changing…it is EXHAUSTING and OVERWHELMING.  The thing is, if you are using social media to represent your Michigan business, you really should take the time to get things right.

Just as social events have different etiquette and ways to dress, every social media site has different etiquette, and uses different abbreviations and markups.  Don’t use hash tags on Facebook, use RTs for Twitter, and make sure your LinkedIn is professional!

Social media can do wonders for your internet marketing if you know how to use it correctly, but it could backfire and hurt your business if you are not careful!

Not Having a Plan

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but simply signing up for social media accounts and uploading your logo does not count as social media marketing. Social media will require some interaction on your part.

For best results, you should do more than interact, you should have a plan in order. How will you represent your business and what types of things will you post about? What are your goals? How will you track your campaign results? How much time can you devote to your social media campaign? Should you hire someone to do your social media marketing?

Michigan SEO Company Explains Social Media Faux Pas

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