Michigan Email Marketing Tips Part 2 - Using Social Media to Build Your List

Michigan Email Marketing Tips Part 2 – Using Social Media to Build Your List

#1 Host a Facebook Contest

This is a great technique for building your email subscriber list. Some marketers and business owners run a contest just to get likes, but another approach is to host a contest with the purpose of gathering information such as email addresses.

For example, you can offer a chance to win something in exchange for an email address. All you need to do is make an email address a required field in the contest sign up form.

#2 Promote your Newsletter in Your Tweets

Why not promote your email newsletter in your tweets? Even if your newsletter isn’t ready yet, provide your followers with some teasers. For example, if you are a personal trainer your tweet might look like this:

Don’t miss our article on avoiding weight gain during the holidays. Not subscribed? Sign up: http://yoururl.com

Remember your tweets should only be 20% promoting, so be sure not to overload your followers with these types of tweets. Moderation is key.


#3 Promote your Newsletter in your YouTube videos

Take advantage of the second largest search engine…YouTube. Even if you don’t like to be on camera, there are other options such as screencasts and slideshows with you narrating.

How can you use YouTube to help build your email list? Each of your videos should have a closing, where you state your phone number and web address. Why not tell your audience where to sign up for your newsletter and how easy it is for them to sign up?

#4 How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Emails

Pinterest is right up there with Facebook when it comes to sales,and it receives a TON of traffic. It is extremely visual and it is based on graphics, so you won’t be posting an entire blog article on Pinterest. What you can do is include a graphic associated with your article and link that image to the full text.

To promote your email list on Pinterest, make an image version of your newsletter and create a Pinterest pin for the image.  Don’t forget to include instructions on how to subscribe on your image.

#5 Add Social Media Buttons to Your Newsletter

Make your email newsletters easy to share. This can be done by adding social media share buttons to your newsletter. This allows existing users to promote your newsletter to people who may not have heard of you otherwise. Be sure to include a subscribe button as well, so that new users can easily sign-up for your newsletter.

Michigan Email Marketing Tips Part 2 – Using Social Media to Build Your List

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