Shelby Twp. Internet Marketing Company Explains Why Content is King

Internet Marketing Company in Shelby Twp. Explains Web Content

Have you ever heard someone say “content is king” or “Google loves content”?

So why does Google love content so much? Simply put, Google loves content because people like content. A lot of times internet marketing companies and small business owners place too much emphasis on how to make their site Google friendly and they forget about people.

But wait a minute.  Google’s goal is to provide results that make users happy. In other words, results that meet people’s information needs.

What if you used Google to find a particular business in Shelby Twp. and the sites listed in the results displayed out of date information? Or maybe limited information that didn’t really answer your question. Or what if the results were not relevant to your search? You probably would consider not using Google and finding a different way of searching the internet.

Now content is not the only thing Google takes into consideration when ranking your website. There are hundreds of factors rolled into Googles algorithm. But having up to date quality content is a big piece of the internet marketing puzzle.

First of all, you will need to add content to your site on a regular basis. This means after your initial site launch you are not finished. You should never be finished. You will need to continually add new information to your website. Google can tell if your site has not been updated in awhile and may stop coming around to index your site if it is perceived as outdated.

What Does Google Consider Good content?

Good content is something that your users will want to read. Something with substance that is informative relative to your industry.

People do not want to read over optimized content stuffed with keywords that reeks of SEO and neither does Google.

Adding a page with one short paragraph and a little graphic? No value to the user. In fact in Google is cracking down on thin content like this.

So how can you make sure you can provide users with up to date content on a regular basis?

Having a blog on your website allows you to add new content regularly. Content management systems such as WordPress have the blog functionality built in and it is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to call your web designer every time you want to add a new article, you can blog whenever you feel like it. Whenever you are running a special, promoting a new product or maybe you just have a client testimonial that you would like to share.


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