If I’ve learned one thing in over 25 years of computer programming and software development, it’s that there’s no substitute for experience. It can literally take years to gather the needed knowledge to become really proficient at a task. Reading and trial and error is an extremely time consuming and expensive way to learn, and destroys your credibility as an expert as you’re making all the mistakes you make trying to learn.

I’ve recently developed a couple WordPress Websites of my own. It seemed much more difficult and time comsuming than it should have.

Fortunately, I’ve known Russ for a couple years and am familiar with some of his excellent work. When he said he was going to offer a WordPress class, I jumped at the offer to be one of his first students.

In one day, I was able to gain those years of experience from a guy who gone through years of learning WordPress and SEO, and knows the subject extremely well.

I know going forward that a simple site that took me days to develop, will now take literally just hours, and the result will be of much higher quality with far better search engine placement.

I can’t thank Russ enough for sharing all of his knowlege and experience, and holding no secrets back. I’m just happy I was able get in on his training before he realizes what he should really charge for this class. He has saved me immeasurable time, money, and frustration moving forward!

Thanks Russ,

Russ Hartner

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