How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly = Google Friendly

If you haven’t already heard, Google made a change in their algorithm this past April that would favor websites that are responsive or mobile friendly.

There are many factors that Google considers when determining a site’s value and mobile users are one of them. So Google has always favored sites that are mobile friendly over other sites, this is nothing new. But in this last update in April 2015, more emphasis was placed on mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.

How Can you Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly?

The first thing would be to determine if your site is mobile friendly. Not sure? Check out the link below from Google Webmaster Tools.

Take the Mobile Friendly Test 

If your website is not mobile friendly you may have already noticed a drop in rankings, especially if your competitors have responsive, mobile friendly websites. So how can you make your site mobile friendly?

Responsive Web Design

First and foremost is making you’re your site is designed in a way that will display accurately on any device, whether it be a phone, tablet or 25 inch monitor.

One way to achieve this is through responsive web design. Responsive web design readjusts the content based on the screen size being used.

This is different than having a desktop site and a separate app. A responsive site is just one website that displays differently depending on the users device.

Consider Page Load Time

In addition to making sure your site displays correctly on a mobile device, you will need to make sure that it displays in a reasonable amount of time … like immediately. Page load time is always important, even on desktop computers. But it is even more important for mobile users who are on the go. Mobile searchers want a quick answer to whatever it is they are looking for.

Take the Page Speed Test

Your site should also be very easy to use. If the purpose of your site is to sell mens t-shirts, then mobile users should be able to easily search for their T-Shirt size and color without clicking though page after page. Users should be able to easily find a product, add it to their cart and quickly make a financial transaction.

The bottom line is whatever action the user is trying to do, they should be able to complete the task quickly and easily. This might be downloading a menu, finding your business hours or viewing  your phone number and address.

How to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

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