How Michigan Businesses Can Protect Their Google Ranking

How Michigan Businesses Can Protect Their Google Ranking

There is no better feeling than when your Website starts climbing to the top of Google. All of your content writing and promoting is finally starting to pay off. So what’s next from here? Now that you are at the top of Google can you stop putting forth so much effort? Is your job finished?

Not quite. In order to stay at the top you must protect your Google ranking. After all you made it to the top by pushing other companies down the page. How can you prevent the same thing happening to you?Even though you can keep your Google ranking for awhile, there is no telling when your competitors are going to wise up.

Why Michigan Businesses Lose Their Google Ranking

1. Competitors
As mentioned earlier, it is your job to protect your Google ranking from your competition. Imagine if you left your site alone and never added any new content. You would only keep your ranking if your competitors never optimized their sites or added new content. Unfortunately, this is just not realistic.

How to Protect Your Ranking
Add quality content regularly. Make a commitment by setting aside certain days to write articles or shoot videos. Even if your time is limited, just be consistent with your efforts. Not only does Google loves fresh content, but Google takes the amount of content on your site into consideration. Posting articles on a regular basis can help you get a ton of content quickly.

2. Changes in Google’s Algorithms
There are certain things that Google takes into consideration when serving up results. However these requirements may change from time to time. For instance, years ago, placing keywords in the keyword meta tags held a lot more weight in regards to search. Today, Google does not take meta tags into consideration…at all.

How to Protect Your Ranking
Do your research and stay up to date with search engine trends. If time allows you can do your own online research or you can hire a SEO Expert to make sure your site stays within Google’s requirements.

3. Black Hat SEO Techniques
Another reason Michigan businesses could lose their Google ranking is if their website was not optimized correctly in the first place. There are a ton of SEO moonlighters out there claiming to know seo but take shortcuts like link farming and keyword stuffing. If these black hat techniques area actually successful it is only a matter of time before your ranking will drop. In some cases your site could even be penalized.

How to Protect Your Ranking
Hire an experienced seo expert that only uses white hat techniques. How can you tell the difference? For starters make sure to look at their portfolio and ask for references. For more information, read our article on how to hire the right seo company.

How Michigan Businesses Can Protect Their Google Ranking

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