Generate Targeted Traffic to Increase Sales

Generate Targeted Traffic for Your Michigan Business

Bringing traffic to your site is a good start, but if these new visitors don’t eventually become your customers, what have you really accomplished?

How can you attract visitors to your website that are already interested in your products? We have provided some tips on how to generate targeted traffic to your Michigan business to increase the chances of turning your online visitors into long time customers.

Use Specific Keywords and Phrases

If you have been keeping up with our internet marketing tips, you have learned how keywords play a huge part in SEO and bringing traffic to your website.  This means more than just coming up with a list of related terms.  You will need to carefully consider each key word or phrase. Having a key phrase that is too broad may have a high search volume, but really won’t benefit you if you attract the wrong type of visitor.

Choosing keywords and phrases that are more specific to your niche market will generate targeted traffic to your Website. For example, a massage therapist in Michigan might consider the phrase “Massages Michigan”. Although this search term may be entered frequently, this user may not always be looking for a massage in your part of Michigan. In, fact they may not even be looking for a massage therapist.  They might be looking for a massage class or want to research general massage information.  One the other hand, the phrase “Massage therapist, Macomb County” assumes that the individual is looking for a therapist in a specific county in Michigan. You could go even further and use “Hot stone massage in Macomb County “.   Someone who enters this phrase is  likely to purchase a massage  because they know exactly what they want.  This person is probably finished researching and is now ready to make a purchase.

Write Articles

In addition to writing blog articles for your website, you can post articles to online directories such as When you are writing, try not to come across as too “sales pitchy”. Of course we know that your goal is to generate sales for your Michigan business, but you can do this discreetly. The trick is to write “how to” articles or tips related to your industry. Offer your readers some expert advice and then at the end of the article, include  a short bio about you and your company as well as how to contact you.

The reason why this approach works so well is because people who are looking on article directories are in seek of specific information. Providing a link on this type of website generally will generate more targeted traffic and in turn, convert more visitors to customers.

Classified Ads Marketing

Websites like receive a tremendous amount of traffic on a daily basis.  On Craigslist, advertisements are organized into different categories making it easy to capture your target audience.  Posting an online advertisement for your Michigan business can generate more leads from people that already know what they want and are ready to make a purchase. Just be sure to add your web address within the posting.

Need to Generate Targeted Traffic to Your Michigan Business?

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