Before you Hire a Michigan SEO Company

Before you Hire a Michigan SEO Company

As a Michigan business owner, you are faced with many decisions. Before you hire an employee, you might hold  a number of  interviews and it could take you days to decide who is best for the new position. Hiring an internet marketing consultant or a seo company is a big decision as well and should not be a choice you make on a whim. There are some things you should look for and taking the time to do your homework can save you time and aggravation.

How does your Michigan SEO company rank in the Search Engines?

If you are considering hiring a SEO company, do an internet search for their services and see how well they rank well with Google. After all, these are the services that they are claiming to be experts at so their company should rank well in the search engines.  I certainly  wouldn’t hire a personal trainer that was overweight and showed up with a bag of fast food and smoking a cigarette.  Don’t hire a Michigan SEO company if they are not ranking well in the internet search. Don’t be afraid to ask for client references and see where these clients rank when you do a search for key words related to their industry.

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is

As much as I would like someone to tell me that they have face cream guaranteed to make me look 15 years younger in less than a week, I just know this isn’t possible. If someone offered me such a product I’m sure I wouldn’t buy it because I would be too skeptical.

You should be leary of any SEO company that promises you a #1 ranking in the organic search, especially if they are guarenteeing this in a short amount of time. There is no such thing as a 100% guarantee for #1 in Google, Yahoo or Bing. We are not saying that ranking number one for a phrase is impossible, as many of our clients are at the top of Google. What we are saying is an experienced SEO Expert would never make a guarantee because their are too many factors involved when it comes to search engine optimization. Factors such as how established your website is, how niche your market is and what your competitors are doing to market their sites. Every case is different and every client is unique.

Is your SEO Expert willing to share information with you?

When you hire a Michigan SEO company, you should be able to inquire about what they are doing to improve your ranking. If they are really stand offish or tell you that their information is top secret then it’s time to consider another SEO Company.  Certainly we don’t expect people to offer up all of their trade secrets that they have spent years learning, but they should be up front with you, answer questions, and explain what they are doing to promote your Michigan business and increase your Google ranking.

Hire a Michigan SEO Company

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