Tips for your next email campaign

7 Tips for Your Next Email Campaign

Email Campaign Tip #1 Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Be sure to carefully plan your email campaign. Set specific goals for each email blast and try to determine the best way to meet these goals in your email. Be careful not to have too many topics within one campaign. This will overwhelm your subscribers. Some examples of email goals could be introducing staff, informing of an event or promotion, or just a brief news update. These goals should be addressed one email campaign at a time.

Email Campaign Tip #2 Schedule Your Email Campaign

There is no perfect time or day to send your email but results have shown, less people open mail on Mondays and Friday. However, this depends on your target audience so you will need to do some homework. An easy way to determine when to send mail is to communicate with your subscribers. Ask them when is a good time for you to send your newsletter.

Email Campaign Tip #3 Determine Your Mail Distribution Method

Never use your local email client to send your email campaign. This could cause your Internet Service Provider to suspend your account for spamming. There are companies that can provide this service for you. Some companies even offer templates to design with and tools for analyzing results.

Email Campaign Tip #4 Think Through Your Subject Line

Believe it or not, subject lines are equally important as your entire email’s content. Think about it. The subject is the first thing your subscribers will see. This single line of text is the determining factor to whether they will open your mail or hit delete. You also need to be careful that your email doesn’t get intercepted by spam filters. Putting the word “free” as the first word of your subject could cause this.

Email Campaign Tip #5 Make it Personal

Personalizing your mail can be effective since the user feels that you are making them feel like less of a number. This helps build relationships and customer loyalty. Your clients receive numerous emails throughout the day. Make sure your mail is one that gets opened.

Email Campaign Tip #6 Test Your Email Campaign

Just because your email looks good on your computer doesn’t guarantee it’s going to look perfect in any browser or email client. Try opening your mail on different computers that have different operating systems. For example, a mac and a Windows machine. Test your email in different browsers and email clients. Not only should you be able to open the mail, but every thing should be rendered correctly without any errors. There is nothing more unprofessional than errors or the appearance that something is broken.

Email Campaign Tip #7 Track & Analyze Your Email Campaign Results

A lot of people think they are finished after their emails have been sent. Not quite. What good is your campaign if you can’t see what works and what doesn’t? There are companies that can provide these analytic tools for you. Compare the open rates for different days and times. See what subject lines create more clicks. Is it the email with promotions or your informative newsletter?

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